Vox Sentences: “VETO!” —@realDonaldTrump ( www.vox.com )

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The Senate delivers a rebuke to the president; rescue operations stop following a building collapse in Nigeria.

Trump headed for his first presidential veto Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images The Senate passed a resolution on Thursday to reject President Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border, setting up what will be the first veto from the White House. Trump has framed the move as a desertion by GOP members to support Democrats (12 Republicans crossed party lines to reject the emergency declaration). [NYT / Emily Cochrane and Glenn Thrush] Briefly, Trump’s plan was to redirect $6.7 billion in allocated funds to build a wall on the US-Mexico border as a foolproof immigration solution. It’s unprecedented that a president would use executive powers to interfere with Congress’s spending powers, inherently threatening the system of checks and balances. [WSJ / Natalie Andrews and Kristina Peterson] “VETO!” Trump tweeted after the vote. It’s a blow to the White House — and it won’t be Trump’s only veto. The president has also promised to reject legislation both the Senate and the House passed to pull the US out of the Saudi-led war in Yemen. [Politico / Marianne LeVine] Trump declared the emergency on February 15, angering Congress for challenging its “power of the purse.” It’s also likely Trump will face lawsuits for his use of emergency powers, but he insists he’ll win any case brought against him. [NPR / Susan Davis] Congress is also insisting there’s

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