2 rockets from Gaza targeted Tel Aviv. Israel is likely to respond forcefully. ( www.vox.com )

After a failed rocket attack on the major city, conflict between Israel and Gaza could get worse.

Tensions between Israel and Gaza — already extremely high — may grow even higher in the coming hours.

On Thursday, two long-range rockets fired from Gaza streaked toward Tel Aviv, one of Israel’s largest cities. And although no casualties or property damage have been reported so far, Israel is likely to respond forcefully.

Which means an already roiling crisis in the Middle East is likely to deepen.

Red alert sirens indicating incoming rockets sounded in Tel Aviv indicating the first time that the city was a target since 2014. That year, Israel and Gaza engaged in brutal, weeks-long fighting. The Israeli military said its missile defense system, Iron Dome, was launched to intercept the rockets, although it’s unclear if an interception actually took place. The video below shows Iron Dome interceptors flying through the night sky over Tel Aviv, but they self-destructed because an interception was unnecessary.

Video of Iron Dome intercept. This is right over Tel Aviv. pic.twitter.com/At74t4pAO9

— Neri Zilber (@NeriZilber) March 14, 2019

One Israeli journalist tweeted that he was sitting in his living room when “suddenly” there were sirens and “sounds of explosion.” Tel Aviv has opened bomb shelters for citizens to use overnight.

The question now is what happens next. The answer, depressingly, seems pretty clear: retaliation.

Israel will surely hit back — hard

It’s unclear who, exactly, was behind the rocket attack. But since it came from Gaza, the territory will be in Israel’s crosshairs over the coming hours.

Israel has conducted airstrikes in Gaza in recent months because Hamas — a

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