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Furloughed employees miss a paycheck; Mike Pompeo gives a speech in Egypt.

Are you a DC-area federal worker who has been negatively impacted by the shutdown? We want to hear your story. Email diana.elbasha@vox.com.

No-Pay Day Mark Wilson/Getty Images It’s payday for federal workers — but 800,000 aren’t getting a paycheck today due to the partial government shutdown. It shutdown has lasted three weeks so far, but this is the first payday federal workers have missed. Thousands have begun applying for unemployment or taking part-time positions. [Vox / Li Zhou] Congress left for the weekend without reaching a resolution to end the shutdown, now officially the longest in history. On Thursday, the Senate approved a back pay bill, which would ensure federal workers get paid after it ends. [Politico / Sarah Ferris, Heather Caygle, and Burgess Everett] “Pay the workers, furlough Trump,” said furloughed workers at a rally in Washington, DC, yesterday. Federal employee unions are already suing the Trump administration or preparing cases. [Washington Post / Marissa J. Lang] The promise of back pay isn’t enough for workers living paycheck to paycheck. About 40 percent of Americans have said in surveys that they can’t handle a surprise $400 expense — let alone a mortgage or rent bill with no income to cover it. [NPR / All Things Considered] Why bother coming into work? Federal workers are prohibited by law from striking, but the law’s authors didn’t envision a situation where they’d have to