Why this congressman wants to impeach Trump ( www.vox.com )

“I did not file articles of impeachment to further the interests of my party,” says Rep. Brad Sherman.

The big story on the first day of the new Congress was Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a newly elected Michigan Democrat, declaring at an event in Washington, DC, that she was going to “impeach the motherfucker” — the “motherfucker” in this case being President Donald Trump.

But shortly before Tlaib’s pronouncement, a pair of Democratic members of Congress, Brad Sherman of California and Al Green of Texas filed actual impeachment articles against Trump. Sherman, who has been in Congress since 1997, filed a similar resolution in 2017, but Republicans controlled the House at that time, so the move felt more performative than anything else.

Today, however, Democrats are in control of the House, which makes the impeachment push more relevant. But does it have any chance of succeeding? And why do it now? Would it not make more sense to at least wait for special counsel Robert Mueller to conclude his investigation?

I reached out to Sherman to get some answers to these questions, and to hear his case for impeaching the president. I wanted to know if he really thinks this has any chance of succeeding, and his response to critics in his own caucus who say this is premature and might backfire.

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

Sean Illing

In your impeachment resolution against President Trump, you claim that he has violated his oath to “faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States.” What, specifically, are you referring to?

Brad Sherman

He has obstructed justice. I made this determination on the basis of the