Where Astrology and Social Justice Meet: A Q&A With Chani Nicholas ( rewire.news )

Chani Nicholas is used to telling people more about themselves than herself. The popular astrologer’s work has resonated with digital astrology aficionados since 2010. Her unique approach to horoscopes has now taken on new prominence in a time of mass socio-political activism. If you read her work, you’re sure to find guidance based on your astrological signs, but you may also encounter a reading that invites you to consider your place within social justice movements.

On Thursday, Nicholas will be honored by the Astraea Foundation in Los Angeles for the impact that her work has had on inspiring and nourishing queer and intersectional feminist spaces. It is shocking to even Nicholas that the cultural sustenance that she has provided for so many people, often free, is being elevated alongside activist heavy hitters Alicia Garza, Malkia Cyril, and Jeanne Córdova. But her effect on her many devoted readers is unquestionable.

Last Saturday, Nicholas and I met up for a conversation during the downtime of the Yerba Buena Arts Center’s YBCA 100 Summit, of which she was also an honoree. In a dim, bustling bar at the San Francisco Four Seasons, we discussed her childhood, her journey to astrology, and how she inspires social justice movements through her work.

Raquel Willis: You use rising signs more than anything else. Do you think sun sign astrology is dated? I listened to an interview of you way back when and you were talking about a major book about sun signs.

Chani Nicholas: Oh, that’s Linda Goodman. It’s the most popular book of astrology in history. She ended up dying penniless and alone. She was swindled by her publishers, but [the book] has outsold everything.