Here are the governor seats Democrats have flipped so far in the 2018 elections ( )

Every governor seat Democrats have flipped in the midterm elections, in one post.

Democrats have long been underrepresented in governorships across the country, and they’re hoping that could change this year.

While they saw some high-profile losses in Ohio and Florida, numbers certainly suggest they could still make some inroads: Going into the election, there were 26 Republican-held seats and nine Democratic ones up for contention. According to Cook Political Report, at least 13 of the existing Republican seats were either toss-ups or prime targets for Democrats to flip.

Democrats have already picked up a slew of key seats, including one in Kansas, a typically conservative state. You can see all live results here, and we’ll be keeping track of Democratic gains here for the rest of the night.

Illinois: Democrat J.B. Pritzker beats Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner

Billionaire entrepreneur J.B. Pritzker has taken down highly unpopular incumbent Bruce Rauner, who many voters blamed for a statewide financial crisis. Pritzker poured in more than $170 million of his own money into the election, according to Forbes.

Kansas: Democrat Laura Kelly beats Republican Kris Kobach Vox

Laura Kelly staged a stunning defeat of Republican Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a hard-right candidate who’s helped champion many of Trump’s hardline immigration policies and voter fraud theories. Kelly, a member of the Kansas state Senate, framed herself as a fresh start from embattled former Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.

Michigan: Democrat Gretchen Whitmer beats Republican Bill Schuette Vox

Gretchen Whitmer, the former majority leader of Michigan’s state Senate, has firmly defeated state Attorney General Bill Schuette by running an exceedingly practical platform focused on “fixing the damn roads.”