Vox Sentences: Britain and Canada want answers from Mark Zuckerberg ( www.vox.com )

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The UK and Canada summon Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to face questions on fake news; the US and UK seek a ceasefire in the Yemen war.

Zuckerberg summoned to London Christophe Morin/IP3/Getty Images Britain and Canada joined forces Tuesday to summon Mark Zuckerberg to a joint hearing on disinformation and fake news at a November event in London. [Independent / Andrew Griffin] The Facebook founder appeared before the US Senate in the spring to face similar questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which pointed to the company’s extraction of personal data from millions of Facebook profiles to use it for political purposes. [Vox / Alvin Chang] Zuckerberg has refused such requests from UK and Canadian lawmakers in the past. In response, the British Common Digital Culture chair, Damian Collins, said in a letter that Zuckerberg’s “evidence is now overdue and urgent.” [BBC] The letter notes that Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation has not been examined by an international committee, despite the platform’s wide-reaching impact. In recent years, Facebook has been implicated in fake news and election scandals around the world, from the Brexit referendum to the 2016 US election and even the military-led genocide in Myanmar. [The Verge / James Vincent] The company and Zuckerberg himself have been under immense scrutiny since 2016. Earlier this fall, Facebook announced that hackers had gained access to 29 million personal accounts in a massive data breach. The FBI is investigating the hack. [Vox / Stavros Agorakis] The