How We’re Getting By: A Survival Guide for Journalists ( )

At Rewire.News, we’re no strangers to a news cycle that doesn’t build much faith in humanity. We cover abortion (among other things)! But the past few weeks have felt like too much—days upon days of Kavanaugh and watching people (mostly women) expose the rawest parts of themselves to convince U.S. senators to believe survivors. It’s not a stretch to say it was traumatic for all involved and for all those bearing witness. Even the thickest-skinned among us are searching for respite and retreat from the headlines.

For journalists, we are committed to not looking away from the news, at least not during the workday, no matter what it might bring. But once we do, what comes next? How do we take care of ourselves for the long haul? We asked Rewire.News staff what they are doing to stay afloat amid the deluge. Here’s what they said.

Binge Watching and Reupping Family Time

In the wake of the Kavanaugh vortex—because every bit of non-Kavanaugh news got sucked into oblivion over the last month—I’ve thrown myself into binge watching a bunch of new shows. The Man in the High Castle is a super (supposedly futuristic) documentary about life in America under fascism, and it’s drawn particular interest from me.

Besides that, I’ve tried to have more contact with my kids back in New England, and I’ve leaned on my friends to help me escape it all. –Katelyn Burns, federal policy reporter

Trying All the ‘Pastabilities’

At around this time last year, I was just returning from spending three weeks in Italy, where I ate the most divine pasta and drank wine until life was blurry.

It’s a year later, everything is pretty terrible, and I’m