Why people are angry over a Washington Post fact check about police shootings ( www.vox.com )

The article argued that there were “virtually no shootings of unarmed black children” in recent years.

Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat currently campaigning for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat in Texas, attracted national attention when he offered a full-throated defense of the NFL kneeling protests earlier this month. But this week, the politician’s comments sparked a separate debate within the media about the ways police shootings affect black children.

During a campaign town hall on August 10, a voter asked O’Rourke if he thought NFL players’ protests against police violence and racial inequality were disrespectful.

O’Rourke gave a lengthy response, one that not only addressed the protests themselves but also reflected on the history of the civil rights movement. It was the final portion of his statement, though, that attracted the most attention.

From O’Rourke:

Peaceful, nonviolent protests, including taking a knee at a football game to point out that Black men, unarmed; Black teenagers, unarmed; and Black children, unarmed, are being killed at a frightening level right now, including by members of law enforcement, without accountability and without justice.

And this problem — as grave as it is — is not gonna fix itself, and they’re frustrated, frankly, with people like me and those in positions of public trust and power who have been unable to resolve this or bring justice for what has been done and to stop it from continuing to happen in this country. And so nonviolently, peacefully, while the eyes of this country are watching these games, they take a knee to bring our attention and our focus to this problem and ensure that we fix it. That is why they’re doing