Netflix’s Next Challenge: Rural India ( )

In the U.S., Netflix and Amazon are locked in a heated battle for customers. In India, they have more than 40 other rivals to contend with. Companies ranging from Sony-owned Liv to local firms like Reliance Entertainment’s BigFlix are competing for online viewers. And that number is likely to grow, according to Datta Dave, the American-born co-founder of Tulsea, an Indian talent agency representing writers, producers and tech firms.

In particular, Mr. Dave said, competition will come from more online video services aimed at audiences outside of urban city centers, catering to regional cultures and languages. These include low-cost services like Fastfilmz, which produces content in four South Indian dialects and costs only 40 rupees a month, equivalent to 58 cents. Netflix’s base package costs 500 rupees a month, or about $7, while Amazon Prime Video costs 129 rupees a month, or $1.88.